“David is a great resource. He picks up material quickly, asks the right questions, and always meets deadlines. But better yet, his copy is concise, clean and always on-point. I would highly recommend him as a marketing writer.”

Emily Perkins
Manager, Marketing and Sales Support
EML Payments

“David’s writing and work ethic are top notch. He has grasped healthcare information technology very quickly, deals with clients and interviewees with confidence and a high degree of professionalism, is conscientious with his work, and produces concise and commanding case studies and white papers.”

Patty Enrado
Senior Editor & Manager, Content Services

“I was very impressed with how David dove headfirst into researching a very technical topic to help draft our first-ever white paper. He conducted interviews, asked great questions, and wrote very competently. We thank him for his extraordinary efforts.”

Whitney Briggs, Marketing Manager
Garney Construction

“David LaMartina is a reliable, thorough and professional content developer. He has worked on many projects for Summit Professional Networks and always delivers well-researched and well-written projects.”

Elliot Markowitz
Director, Strategic Content Group
Summit Professional Networks

“David is an extremely polished writer with a knack for making complex subjects, such as educational technology, completely approachable. He is great at synthesizing a lot of information into a concise, easy to understand article, and he takes multiple perspectives into account to provide a well-rounded view of the topic. David has a strong, clear voice, and his writing requires very little editing. I am happy to endorse his work and work with him again in the future.”

Samantha Adams Becker
Senior Director, Communications
New Media Consortium

“David has been a godsend for the Kuno Creative content team. We have come to rely on him for quality content, and he always works well within his deadlines. The work he turns in never requires drastic edits, which we very much appreciate. I would highly recommend him as a freelance writer to supplement content on any topic.”

Brianne Carlon
Content Director
Kuno Creative

“David’s clear, crsip writing has been invaluable to the growth of my business. He’s quick and reliable, and he always captures my personal tone and style on the first draft.”

Justin Woltering
Personal Trainer

“David’s well-researched, well-written pieces were a valuable asset to Edcetera’s editorial content. He consistently displayed an ability to thoughtfully speak on complex edtech topics and themes, while maintaining an engaging, interesting voice.”

Lauren Sloss

“David is a solid writer with genuine expertise and knowledge in the areas of fitness and health. A pleasure to work with.”

Daniel Sosnoski
Chiropractic Economics

“David’s working is exactly what an editor seeks. He is concise, pays attention to detail and hits both word counts and deadlines.”

Mandy Wolf Detwiler
Managing Editor
Pizza Today